Energy Storage for a Decarbonizing Grid (Part 3): Types of LDES

120MW PSH under construction in the Philippines [ii]
Hydrostor facility in Ontario, Canada
Highview Power facility in UK
Publicly-listed Energy Vault facility in Switzerland
Amber Kinetics project in Metro Manila, Philippines
Redflow plug-and-play system in Australia
VFlowTech power cube in Singapore
Zinc8 system in Canada
Publicly-listed ESS Tech’s system
Noor 1 integrated CSP and thermal storage facility in Ouarzazate, Morocco
Echogen Pumped Thermal Energy Storage facility (Photo copywrite: Westinghouse. Used with the permission of Echogen)



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Daniel Layug, CFA

Daniel Layug, CFA


Climatetech | Sustainable Finance & ESG Investing | Georgetown Alumni Investor Network | INSEAD Young Alumni Achievement Awardee | GenT Asia Leader of Tomorrow