Energy Storage for a Decarbonizing Grid (Part 1): What is it?

  1. Operating Reserves — BESS can be used to provide back-up power to the whole grid in the event of plant outages or natural disasters
  2. Frequency regulation — BESS can be used to smooth energy supply/demand imbalances that change the frequency (hertz) of electricity moving through transmission lines
  3. Inertia — BESS can be used to harmonize the frequency of the grid in certain difficult-to-access locations
  4. Voltage Control — Frequency regulation for back-up generators
  5. Black Start — Batteries can be used to jump-start natural gas plants
Map of 28 BESS units in the Philippines. Units in the same project are shown as one circle
Back of the envelop calculation of Unlevered Payback Period for a (A) 1hr duration and (B) 2hr duration Li-Ion BESS



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Daniel Layug, CFA

Daniel Layug, CFA


Climatetech | Sustainable Finance & ESG Investing | Georgetown Alumni Investor Network | INSEAD Young Alumni Achievement Awardee | GenT Asia Leader of Tomorrow